PrunuEstate is a RealEstate Management platform that helps LandLords to be extremely efficient and maximizes profits from their real estate portfolio. PrunuEstate is helping Landlords to track all the moving parts and run a healthy portfolio


Finding, screening and managing tenants is no more a painful process. With PrunuEstate we will help you to manage your rental units without headache and maximize profit.

With PrunuEstate flexible lease management; you can create different lease types and structure leases in the way you want. Moreover, PrunuEstate will help you to generate customized Lease agreements

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Because you are in the RealEstate business to make profit not to have fun, PrunuEstate will track all your portfolio income, expenses and taxes. PrunuEstate will make the business financials easy to understand, and make sure you are not missing any detail no matter how small it is

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Maintenance Management

Because you are a great Landlord you know the importance of keeping your rental properties well maintained. PrunuEstate is here to help you track you maintenance & repairs requests, schedule regular maintenance, and track expenses.

With PrunuEstate, easy maintenance is possible and will help prevent damage and decrease the likelihood of missed income in between tenants

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Payments Tracking

PrunuEstate will make sure your tenant won't miss a payment. Tenants will be notified and reminded whenever a payment is due.

Receiving payments on time is crucial for yout RealEstate business. PrunuEstate will provide you with insights to make sure your units' portfolio is healthy and balanced and you are covering costs

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Effective Communication

PrunuEstate is providing an efficient platform for Tenants and Landlords to communicate effectively and make sure every thing is documented an accessible for both parties for further follow-up

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Rental Profile

PrunuEstate provides Tenants with a full ace's on their rentals details: rental agreement, payments, maintenance requests, and communication with landlords. Moreover, it allow tenant to build his Rental Profile and share that between multiple tenants when needed instead of filling long and painful Tenant Applications

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